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Latsest Seraphim News
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The School Eisteddfod, Porth County Comprehensive 23/02/2001

The Labour Club, Ystrad 03/07/2001

The Wyndham Club, Porth 18/09/2001

The Forest Hotel, Trefforest 27/09/2001

Talent Search 2001, Pentre Legion 17/10/2001

The Wyndham Club, Porth 24/10/2001

The Num, Tonypandy 04/11/2001

The Rhondda Hotel, Cymmer 16/11/2001

The Wyndham Club, Porth 21/11/2001

The Rhondda Hotel, Cymmer 23/11/2001

The Transport Club, Porth 15/12/2001

Ystrad Labour Club 28/12/2001

The Transport Club, Porth 25/01/2002

Ystrad Labour Club 22/02/2002

The Transport Club, Porth 01/03/2002

The Rhondda, Cymmer 26/04/2002

Future Gigs

We have a few coming up I can tell you