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Ten of Us music event 2001, 04/11/2001

The Full Line - up: TWP, Jeff the dentist, Roswell, Flailing Wail, The Sugar house, Seraphim, Roswell,      
                                   The Carpet Fleas, Genghis Crime

Seraphim's set list : Roses
                                      Fade away
                                      Nancy Boy
                                      Floyd The Barber
                                      Commercial Suicide
                                      Territorial Pissings
                                      Sound Check

We came we saw we conquered! Seraphim played the bast they have played in a while today and were liked by all (I hope). They opened with a Silverchair cover namely Roses. Moving into Fade away, Creep was next (Radiohead). Nancy Boy (Placebo) and Floyd the Barber(Nirvana) followed and went down well. Commercial Suicide was next up and was done to as near perfection as you'll get from the band who wrote this song. Territorial Pissings our second Nirvana helping was next up and was good. Finally all came to an end with the Mighty Sound Check and all were happy none more so than the band. The whole day was fantastic apart from Karma Violet not being able to make it and a certain scuffle at the end but never mind!
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