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The Labour Club, Ystrad 03/07/2001

The Full Lineup : Flailing Wail, Jeff The Dentist & Seraphim

Seraphim's Set List: Instrumental (now called Low)
                                        Nancy Boy
                                        Fade Away
                                        Irresponsible Hate Anthem

Tonight was Seraphim's first real gig and it went rather well, first was the instrumental which went fine considering the amount of nerves the band had. Then came DJ's entrance and the song Nancy Boy (Placebo)followed by Freak (Silverchair). Minus Human (Metallica) was next on the set despite DJ only hearing it for the first time in the morning before the gig and yes he did forget the words but it didn't matter. The next song was Fade away,one of Seraphim's own songs, it was the song played by Seraphim in the school Eisteddfod back in February before DJ had joined the band. It went down well with every one and became a favourite for all the newly formed Seraphim fans. Lithium (Nirvana) followed them Irresponsible Hate Anthem (Marilyn Manson) which went down well with the moshers and the rest of the crowd. Seraphim were followed by two blinding sets from Jeff The Dentist and Flailing Wail. Members of Seraphim and Flailing Wail even got up with Jeff The Dentist to sing Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus). A fantastic first gig for Seraphim!!!!