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The Wyndham Club 21/11/2001

The Full Lineup: Enclave, Seraphim & Roswell

Seraphim's Full set list: Fade away
                                             Territorial Pissings
                                             Nancy Boy
                                             Bullet with the Butterfly Wings
                                             Sound check
                                             Commercial Suicide
                                             Chop Suey

Well, where do I start?  Perhaps the Runaway Drum kit? Yeah that's my first target. Tonight was a hard gig to get through purely because of Equipment problems. The most obvious of them all being the drum kit. The Base drum moved when you played it and as such caused many problems at one point I had to play with my leg fully stretched to play it. The Tom moved backwards and forwards and the floor tom was leaning against my leg because one of the legs had given away. I couldn't do nothing about that purely because there was alot going on in one space of time and I had alot on my mind. Anyway, Fade away as the opener for our set, we ofcourse were second on instead of Headlining as was the plan (or so we were told) until two days before, where apparently ENCLAVE refused to play unless they were headlining, it now turns out that it is alot of bollocks about Enclave saying this and that they were to be headlining before we were on the bill, so there was a bit of a mix up on that one. Territorial Pissings (Nirvana) was the next song and Nancy Boy after that. Bullet followed as did Sound check which was put in the middle of the set to add variety to our set. Roses and Commercial Suicide followed as did creep and Low and again we finished with Chop Suey. My verdict, we did very well under the circumstances.