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Talent Search 2001, Ton Pentre Legion 17/10/2001

The Full Lineup :Seraphim, Four Female Vocalists, a male Vocalist, organist & comedian

Seraphim's Set List: Fade Away,
                                       Commercial Suicide,
                                       Nancy Boy

Sadly Seraphim Didn't win the heat to go through for the Final for the chance to win £500 which was the main reason for being there cos there wasn't any other. After arriving it became apparent that Seraphim had no chance due to the huge amount of old people in the crowd that would probably in no way like rock music but never mind the show must go on! Seraphim Played first and opened with Fade Away their own Song that went down reasonably well with the younger people in the crowd. Next was Commercial Suicide another self written masterpiece by Seraphim then Nancy Boy (Placebo). Seraphim played really well and were liked by all the younger and some of the older members of the audience, but with such great talent as the female vocalists that followed it wasn't suprising that Seraphim didn't get further but never the less a great performance.