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The Forest Hotel 27/09/2001

The Full Line - up : Jeff The Dentist, Macer, Pacer 77, Seraphim & Roswell

Seraphim's Set List: Nancy Boy
                                             Fade Away
                                             Commercial Suicide
                                             Heart Shaped Box
                                             Floyd The Barber
                                             Sound Check

Seraphim, were not they're usual selves tonight, but after two members of the band being rather drunk, half the band's followers being thrown out because they were too young and the volume settings being so wrong that every thing sounded like a big mess who would? Seraphim started off rather well with the old favorites Nancy Boy (Placebo), Fade away (they're own song) and Commercial Suicide (another of their own). At that point every thing was, fine both drunken members (no names mentioned but one of them is the Lead Guitarist and the other the Bassist) were doing fine. But it was when they played Heart shaped Box (Nirvana) and Freak (Silverchair) that it became apparent that the sound levels were wrong. Low was next up and that didn't go to plan either next were Floyd The Barber (Nirvana) and Sound Check were the final songs of the night. All wasn't too bad really but in the end this is a young band with alot to learn and tonight they learned the hard way all band members promise to be a hell of alot better in future.