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The Wyndham Club, Porth 18/09/2001

The Full Lineup: The Sugarhouse, Seraphim

Seraphim's Set List: Freak
                                        Heart Shaped Box
                                        Commercial Suicide
                                         Nancy Boy
                                         Fade Away
                                         Floyd The Barber
                                         Sound Check
                                         Coma White

Despite not having a full house Seraphim went on stage with all their usual enthusiasm. They started the night off with Freak (Silverchair), it went down well despite Anthony messing up his little AC/DC intro. Next up was Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana) and then their own song Commercial Suicide which had it's first outing tonight it was very well received by the crowd. Next was Nancy Boy (Placebo), which was dedicated to the "king of the nancyboy's", Darren Stuckey a friend of the Band. After that was another of Seraphim's own; Fade Away a favourite for all Seraphim fans. Low was next; it had it's first proper outing tonight also, it was played in the last gig in Ystrad but it was an instrumental with no lyrics but now it is a finished article. The final song of the original set list was Floyd The Barber (Nirvana). Ofcourse these songs didn't fill half an hour and so, Seraphim played on with a song they had wrote the night before it took them two minutes to write despite it being a four minute song, you can do the math for that one. It was a favourite for all the Moshers as they all got up to enjoy the four minute frenzy of pure noise that is Sound Check. Seraphim decided to carry on with a final song and a final farewell to DJ their recently departed singer. DJ was asked to come up and sing Coma White(Marilyn Manson) one last time. All in all a great night and drinks were had by all!

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