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22/05/2002        New Site almost complete

The new Seraphim site with a new address and look is coming very soon. The Site has been finished and I am currently working on the new address and it should be up very shortly!

16/04/2002        A GIG!

Yes thats right kids Seraphim have a gig for the first time in a while! And don't you go thinking we've wasted our time while we've been gone we have a few new songs to showcase for you. This promises to be a fantastic night for all. The gig is in the Rhondda Hotel, Cymmer on the 26/04/2002. Doors open at 7:30pm.

03/04/2002         It's been a While

Don't worry kids we haven't forgot about you. Oh no! far from it, Just incase you are thinking that we have been abandoning you, I'm setting the record straight. First of all, if you've noticed that the website hasn't been updated much lately it's because I am busy designing a new look for the site. Also you may have noticed the lack of gigs lately, well we are currently writting new material and stuff and also we haven't had that much time with coursework and shit in school. But I do promise you that after the exams we will be playing quite a few gigs during what is apparently the longest summer holiday of our lives. Who knows, if one pops up sooner, then you might see us sooner than you thought.
16/02/2002         TWO GIGS

After an E-mail from Darren from Westpacificmusic Seraphim going to be playing on friday 22/02/2002 at Ystrad Labour Club, Ystrad. The full line-up is White Apple, Seraphim and Altrius is now. Doors open @ 7:30pm and I think entry is £2.50. Also, the week after on Friday the 1/03/2002, Seraphim are headlining @ The Transport Club, Porth. There will also be some awesome support band that is yet to be confirmed but you wait it'll be good!

22/01/2002         Bit of  a Change around!

After being messed around by the people at the Bomb, Ynyshir, The gig on Friday the 25/01/2001 will now be in the Transport Club Porth on the same date (25/01/2001) Doors open @ 7pm and entry will be £2.

13/01/2002         First gig of the Year!

Seraphim's first gig of the year will be at the Union Jack (The Bomb) Ynyshir on the 25/01/2001 doors open @ 7pm and I don't know how much it will cost yet. The Full Line-up is Seraphim & Flailing Wail!

30/12/2001         Hibernation & The Seraph is Back!

Seraphim are planning to go into hibernation for a month to get some new material written. Also, ASK THE SERAPH is back, up and running after problems with the social services over the custody of the heavenly being, sadly some of the questions asked while the Seraph was in court have been lost and so if you asked a question and are wondering why it hasn't been answered then that's why.

16/12/2001         News News News!

First of all, Sorry if you've had any problems getting on this site, but it had nothing to do with me, Tripod's servers must have crashed or something but the good people at Tripod have been working hard to fix the problem and hopefully we are up and running properly again! Also the Big News! is that Poisoned Whiskey Records have decided to release the song we went in to record in October! I will let you know when that's happening when I find out. Also we have a new band added to the growing lineup of Seraphest: Panel!

13/12/2001         Another award and gig!

This site has won another award in my search to gain more visitors to this site to gain more recognition for this band this time courtesy of the Deco Web site Awards. Also Seraphim are playing on the 28/12/2001 at the Ystrad Labour Club, I'm not sure about the full lineup but I know Flailing Wail are there and I think Genghis Crime and Identical Twins are scheduled to play also I'll let you know more when I find out. Also, if you've read past news sections then you will have known that Seraphim went into the recording studio and recorded a song. Well, the final mixed and finished recording should be back on Saturday, so if you are going to the Transport Club to see, Someplace else, Macer & Seraphim play. Then, I don't see why we can't give the disk a little spin before the bands come on! I'm not sure but I think doors open at 7:30pm and entry is probably £2.50.

04/12/2001         ANOTHER AWARD!

This Web site has been given it's second award this time courtesy of The award is proudly displayed on the front page next to the award won previously.

01/12/2001        SERAPHEST UPDATE!

Seraphest is looking more promising now! It sadly won't be this side of Christmas but is certainly still on. David and Anthony from the band are going to a meeting with representatives from the Sonig Youth Network who have expressed a lot of interest in this event. The plan for the moment, is to host it perhaps at the end of January, it could be held in the Muni, Pontypridd, but I make no promises at the moment until the meeting has taken place.

22/11/2001        GIG TOMORROW!

Seraphim are Headlining in The Rhondda Hotel, Cymmer, Tomorrow 23/11/2001! Get your ass down there people! Entry is £2 and doors open @ 7pm. I don't know who else are playing as that is up to someone else. Also, Seraphim are playing @ The transport Club, Porth, on the 15/12/2001 as far as I know, the line - up is Macer, Seraphim, Identical Twins, And another band from Surrey or something. More on that coming up.

19/11/2001         Slight change

It turns out that Seraphim are not headlining on Wednesday @ the Wyndham on 21/11/2001. Don't worry though they are still playing it's just they are on second instead of third!

14/11/2001         Site Award!

This web site for Seraphim has been awarded a web site award! The award comes courtesy of and has been given for the site's Design. The award is proudly displayed on the home page below our opening slogan!

10/11/2001         ******SERAPHEST!******

Seraphim are planing their own festival! It looks like it will be at the Union Jack (the bomb), Ynyshir but the location could change by then 'cos the bomb isn't very big. The proposed date for the festival is the 23/12/2001 and wil be Headlined by Seraphim. Other acts include Flailing Wail, Roswell and hopefully Jeff the Dentist and Genghis Crime and more acts to be confirmed. I will keep you up to date on all the news.

05/11/2001         Two New Gigs!

Seraphim are to play two more gigs this month it was learned yesterday, firstly they are supporting Flailing Wail, at the Rhondda Hotel on the 16/11/2001 entry is £2 and doors open about 7:30pm, then Seraphim are playing their first headlining gig! It's @ the Wyndham club on the 21/11/2001, entry is £2.50 and doors open @ 7:30 pm. The full list is Seraphim, Enclave and Roswell. Be there! You heard!
30/10/2001        Seraphim Venture out of Rhondda

It has been  revealed in the last few days that Seraphim have been asked to take part in some sort of College festival in Lampeter some time in February. We will keep you posted on that one also.

30/10/2001        Seraphim's Day at the bay

Seraphim earlier today recorded a song in Immtech Studio's in Cardiff Bay. They recorded Sound check, and had a great day! The recording is still to be mixed and put onto C.D. and it is not known if it is to be released or anything. But I can assure you when I know you'll know.

27/10/2001        Seraphim To Record!

Seraphim have been asked to spend a day down in Cardiff  bay to record a song or two, I don't know the details but I will fill you in when I know what's going on!

19/10/2001        Seraphim @ The Wyndham

After an E-mail from a diamond geezer named Grayson, Seraphim are to play  @ the Wyndham Club, Porth again on Wednesday the 24/10/2001. The Full line up I think is as follows: Macer, Seraphim & illysium. The doors open @ 7:30pm and entry is £2.50. Come on down it promises to be an absolute stormin' night!

18/10/2001        Talent Show

Yesterday Seraphim entered a talent show in the Pentre Legion in Ton Pentre. Sadly they did not win the heat to get through to the final. Unfortunately the room was full of old ladies and gentlemen who didn't quite appreciate the fact there was a bunch of fifteen year olds on stage playing Rock music and also there where some seriously good female vocalists but never mind because Seraphim played very, very well anyway.

15/10/2001       Seraphim At Talent Show

Seraphim are entering Talent Search 2001 on Wednesday the 17/10/2001. The Show is at the Pentre Legion and the show starts @ 7:30pm and I don't know how much it is to get in all are welcome!

03/10/2001       Join Team Clive

Team Clive, Those words fill me with joy!!!!!! To join team Clive click here and you will become a member of our very own organized religion. Don't worry it's not some evil Cult or anything it's free and it's fun so go ahead.

25/09/2001      Num gig news!

After news from Gareth Westwood (Jeff the Dentist). It has been confirmed that the charity gig in the Num, Tonypandy. Will take place on the 04/11/2001. The final line up is as follows:TWP, Karma Violet, The Sugarhouse, Macer, Jeff the Dentist, Flailing Wail, Genghis Crime, Roswell, Seraphim & The Carpet Fleas. It will start at 3 pm and finish at 10:30. Entry is £3 and all proceeds go to Tenovous.

10/09/2001     Num gig postponed

The charity gig at the Num on the 30/09/2001 has been postponed to a later date it is not know why but it can be confirmed the gig will take place.  

09/09/2001     Sad News :(

Fans of our vocalist DJ will be sad to hear that he has left the band. He has left due to differences between the band, The band are of course very sad to see him go and would like to say good luck with any future projects. The vocals will now be shared between Alex Parsons (Bass) and Matthew Tucker (Rhythm Guitar).

05/09/2001     Three gigs in a month!

Seraphim are playing three gigs this month! It has been confirmed that Seraphim are playing with Sugarhouse at the Wyndham in Porth on 18/09/2001.  Doors will probably open about 7:30pm it is not yet known what entry will cost but at a guess it will be about £2. Then later on in the month on 27/09/2001 is the Trefforest gig as mentioned below. Entry is free to students and it starts at 7:30pm the lineup is the same as mentioned below. Then at the end of the month on the 30/09/2001 the charity gig at the Num in Tonypandy, for the full lineup and more information go to

27/08/2001     Trefforest gig confirmed

It has been confirmed that Seraphim are playing at Trefforest on the 27/09/2001. It will take place at the forest hotel. The full line up is as follows: Jeff the Dentist, Macer, Pacer 77, Seraphim & Roswell. For more information go to

17/08/2001     Another gig in the pipeline

After E-mail off Westy from Jeff the Dentist it has been revealed that a gig is being planned for the end of September at the NUM in Tonypandy it looks like it is going to be a miniature festival with about ten bands on the bill, it seems likely that valleys favorites TWP are headlining. All proceeds go to charity and a CD is being planned containing a song from each band at the gig. The full lineup is not confirmed but it is known that Seraphim, Jeff the Dentist & Macer are going to be there.

08/08/2001     Rumors of a gig

It has been rumored that Seraphim will be playing at Trefforest next month. It was mentioned on the band's newest friends Jeff the Dentist's web site that they are planning a gig with Macer. It says on their news page that, “Seraphim seem up for it and so they should be there”, it also mentions that the band's friends Flailing Wail are likely to be there.

04/08/2001     Ystrad Gig Success

Last nights gig at Ystrad was a great success in the bands eyes. Seraphim picked up a lot of new fans last night despite making little mistakes. Overall they played well and so did the other bands Flailing wail and Jeff the Dentist who both gave outstanding performances and were loved by all. At one point members from both Flailing Wail and Seraphim got up to sing `Teenage Dirtbag' with Jeff the Dentist a moment that provided great fun on the night.
30/07/2001     Full Lineup confirmed for Ystrad

The full lineup for the Gig at Ystrad Labour Club has been confirmed as Seraphim, Jeff the Dentist and Flailing Wail headlining. As mentioned before the doors open at 7.30 pm. Seraphim will be the opening band and will be on stage about 8.30 pm, next Jeff the Dentist will be on then Flailing Wail will be up.

25/07/2001      Bad news for tucker fans

Seraphim's rhythm guitarist Matthew Tucker will not be able to play at the Ystrad Labour Club Gig on 03/08/2001 because he has discovered that he is on holiday during that day. But don't worry Seraphim fans the rest of the band will still be playing and Matthew will be back for any further gigs!

21/07/2001     Gig at Ystrad Labour club Confirmed!

Seraphim are supporting Flailing Wail at the Ystrad Labour Club on the 03/08/2001. Admission is £2.50 and the doors open at 7:30pm. See you there! For more news go to