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The Rhondda Hotel 16/11/2001

The Full Line up : Flailing Wail, Seraphim

Seraphim's set list : Bullet with the Butterfly Wings
                                      Territorial Pissings
                                      Fade Away
                                      Commercial Suicide
                                      Nancy Boy
                                      Sound Check
                                      Chop Suey

Well a good start was the fact that the place was quite packed which is nice to see in our most favourite of Pubs. Also we were playing with our friends Flailing Wail who were the headliners and are indeed a fine band. First was a new addition to the Covers list Bullet with the butterfly Wings (Smashing Pumpkins) then the now quite popular Roses (Silverchair) and the only Nirvana cover of the night, Territorial Pissings. Fade Away amused the crowd after singer Matthew Tucker Decided to replace our lyrics with the lyrics of Talkshow another Rhondda Based band at the end of the song. Another one of our own Commercial Suicide followed then Nancy Boy (Placebo) the only cover song that has been played in every gig. Sound Check got the group of Moshers up on the floor to join Gareth (IQ) who moshed to every song on his own (good man). The final song, Chop Suey (System of A Down) managed to get even the shy people up for a rather large mosh pit. A good Night.