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The Wyndham Club 24/10/2001

The Full Line - Up: Macer, Seraphim, Alyssum

Seraphim's Set - List : Pink Panther theme tune
                                           Fade away
                                           Territorial Pissings
                                           Nancy Boy
                                           Commercial Suicide
                                           Floyd the Barber
                                           Sound Check

Seraphim came on with a one goal in sight, "Be better than we were in the  Forest", and it was mission accomplished, but with still a bit of improvement needed if they are going to blow the roof off the NUM, Tonypandy on the 04/11/2001. Seraphim opened with a light hearted duet from David and Alex of the pink Panther theme tune, followed by Roses (Silverchair). Both songs went well and were enjoyed by the crowd, Fade away was next; the old favourite of both the band and the people who have followed it's progress. Territorial Pissings (Nirvana) was next up and was done well next was a new one for Seraphim; Creep (Radiohead) which was greatly received by the few Radiohead fans that turned up and everyone else in the crowd. Nancy boy (Placebo) followed and was played with all the enthusiasm that you would expect from this young band of 15 yr. olds. Commercial Suicide the bands own song was next and was great for the most part of the song ofcourse David the drummer had to play it wrong and come back in at the wrong time but all was covered up well by the rest of the band and all was forgiven. Floyd the Barber (Nirvana) was next up and was done well by these young scamps, Seraphim wre sadly cut short and had to scrap two songs, Low and Magdalena (A Perfect Circle) and so finished with the mighty Sound Check.