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Name : Anthony Evans

A.K.A. : N/A

Instrument : Guitar

Favourite Bands and musical influences: Jimmy Hendrix, Metallica.

Likes: Playing his guitar, playing with himself, Long strolls along the promenade on a hot summers eve and arguing his point even if he's wrong.

Dislikes: You my friend!!!!!!

Ambitions: To prove every one in the world wrong atleast once before he dies!

How would I recognize him if I saw him? : Pull His trousers down

Any other interesting Facts ?: He has just finished Re - Hab after his drinking escapades at the Forest Hotel, Trefforest. He is a member of the Kick Ass Guitar organization. Apparently his penis is exceedingly small but I can officially reveal that such accusations are indeed false. Anthony's "old boy" is the largest in the Rhondda. Ofcourse having such a large "bed snake" is a problem because it can be very temperamental and has been know to attack small animals on long cold nights.