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Name : Matthew Tucker

A.K.A. : Tucker

Instrument : Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Favourite Bands and musical influences: Muse, Radiohead, Placebo

Likes: Lowri, larger shandy on a carpeted floor, Lowri, buying guitars, chorus pedals, Lowri

Dislikes: Anyone even whispering when they shouldn't be, in practice
Ambitions: To get the band to shut up when he wants them to

How would I recognize him if I saw him? : If you are going by the picture on our pictures section, he's the one who looks pretty damn dodgy and mischievous.

Any other interesting Facts ?: Matthew was once a rent boy in Beijing until Alex Parsons bought him off his owner for ten pounds and brought him home. Matthew is also on the run from the Welsh Mafia after borrowing a spatula from their leader Clive. Clive is said to be furious and has put a ten bob price tag on his head. This isn't the first time Matthew has been in debt problems either! Oh no my friends! He has also sold his soul to the devil for a new guitar after his trusty Fender Telecaster broke, sadly the Devil is yet to come up with the goods, leaving Matthew totally without a soul. If you would like to give Matthew your soul, e-mail him on i'